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Welcome to The Shed Makers of Cheshire!

The sheds makers of Cheshire Warrington Road Cuddington Northwich Cheshire CW8 2LW on the A49
(next to cuddington cattery)

Premium Sheds for Sale

Are you looking for premium sheds for sale but at competitive prices? A garden shed is something that you want to invest in for the long term. You do not want to have to keep repairing it or worse still replace it. Quality sheds for sale can be found at The Sheds Makers of Cheshire. They are bound to have what you are looking for so please get in touch and talk to someone from their knowledgeable team.

Superb Garden Sheds in Chester

The Sheds Makers of Cheshire deliver top quality garden sheds in Chester. A superb garden shed is only a telephone call away as the craftsman will come and construct the shed at your home. Garden sheds in Chester are getting better as more and more customers are turning to The Sheds Makers of Cheshire.

Beautiful Summerhouses in Chester

Chester certainly is a beautiful city. Now, The Shed Makers of Cheshire are making more gardens a relaxing space with beautiful summerhouses in Chester. The British weather is fairly unpredictable but you can bet with certainty on the high quality manufacturing and materials used by The Sheds Makers of Cheshire when building summerhouses in Chester. Regardless of showers, heavy rain or sunshine, your new summerhouse will be a delightful place in your garden.

Real Wood Log Cabins in Chester

What comes to your mind when you think of a log cabin? Some may think of remote places such as Sweden and yet others will think closer to home such as Scotland. Now there are real wood log cabins in Chester. These are excellent spaces that can be used for many purposes. Some log cabins in Chester serve as office space whilst other log cabins in Chester provide additional accommodation.

Get Ready for Spring with Potting Sheds in Chester

Spring is fast approaching and so are many of those necessary garden jobs. If you don’t keep on top of your gardening it can soon overwhelm you. Potting sheds in Chester are proving very popular with gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. They are a brilliant space that allows you to organise some of your tools and pots so that you can get on with pottering. Quality potting sheds in Chester are being made by The Sheds Makers of Cheshire. The county of Cheshire boasts many beautiful gardens. Such beauty often starts in the humble potting shed. Don’t miss out on charming potting sheds in Chester.