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The sheds makers of Cheshire Warrington Road Cuddington Northwich Cheshire CW8 2LW on the A49
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Beautiful Garden Rooms in Cheshire

Cheshire is one of the most beautiful areas in England, famed for its wonderful natural scenery. To live in Cheshire is indeed a privilege. Unfortunately, weather can be unpredictable and quite often wet. This, understandably enough, can temper the enjoyment we derive from outdoor beauty. Patios and gazebos can only protect us so much from the wind, rain and cold. Fortunately, there is a simple, yet unique solution, that of garden rooms in Cheshire. A creation from The Shed Makers of Cheshire, a garden room in Cheshire not only offers durable protection from the elements but also allows you to derive maximum enjoyment from the scenery and wildlife.

Garden Offices in Cheshire

After being cooped up inside after a long day at work, who of us hasn't wished for a newer, fresher working environment? Somewhere light, airy and serene would be ideal for more productive working time and greatly improve the stress levels felt. The answer is so simple and more and more people are benefiting from the decision. What is it? Garden offices in Cheshire. Garden offices in Cheshire are perfect for providing a calm, quiet and inspirational work space. The Shed Makers of Cheshire have hundreds of ideas for creating a modern, functional office which makes the best use of the setting it's placed in.

Tanalised Sheds

The benefits for opting for tanalised sheds are many; for one thing tanalised workshops and sheds are guaranteed to last you for many years to come. How so? Tanalised sheds are constructed out of timber which has been treated with a compound called Tanalith E. This penetrates the fibre of the wood and effectively enables the wood to resist ageing, insect and fungus attacks, not to mention the fact that it is protected against the effects of the wind, rain and sunshine.

Due to the process which the timber undergoes, tanalised workshops and sheds are stained a natural-looking pale green. This gives the tanalised workshops and sheds an attractive appearance which blends in well with the garden and outdoor scenery.

The Shed Makers of Cheshire take great pride in the superiority of our products. We pay every attention to quality and detail and can even build custom made garden rooms and sheds. If you'd like to see more of our tanalised garden offices in Cheshire or any of our other structures please feel free to stop by our showrooms. We always enjoy chatting with our customers and would be pleased to answer your questions.