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The Shed Makers of Cheshire - Base Laying Service

Anyone who knows anything about building and erecting secure structures will tell you that the foundation is all important. A foundation that is poorly done will result in much bother and many problems in the future. This is true for a structure as big and heavy as a block of apartments as it is for a structure which is as small or light as a small shed. We at The Shed Makers have a long history of creating solid, well built sheds and summerhouses which have proved to last many years.

The Shed Makers offer a professional base laying service to ensure that any structure built has the best possible grounding. Our base laying service is particularly useful if the ground where you are hoping to build your shed doesn’t provide a naturally stable foundation. The base laying service includes us laying down a heavy duty concrete slab in the location for your new structure. This concrete slab is specially prepared to last an incredibly long time and provide your shed with all the support it needs. We will also dig out the ground in the desired area and prepare the ground work, paying attention to getting the surface nice and level.

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